Red Table Talk Meets Women In Project Management

Our Members Enjoy the Masterclass Series - A Seat At The Table. A 6-Part Series where we discuss how to transition careers, how to negotiate, work/life balance and so much more.

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Meet Women In Project Management

The Best Way To Network With Women In This Community Is To Join Our Members Only Private Facebook Group, Introduce Yourself and Connect With Women In Project Management From Around The World!

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Career Inspo

Read more about our members and their career, life, and how they balance it all. It is our hope that learning about an individual may provide insight and spark both professional and personal progression in your life.

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Membership provides all access to all resource toolkits to download, personalize, and impress your clients: Presentation Powerpoints, Project Reports, Time Estimate Register, and much more.


PM Podcast

Download some of our favorite Podcast & Apps to support you on your Project Management journey. Many hosted by Members of Women of Project Management!

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PMP® or CAPM® Experts

Are you looking for PMP® or CAPM® Resources? Need a Branding Coach? Business Improvement Consultant? Connect with our industry experts.