Women of Project Management:

Serving women + women of color in

project management at Every Stage in their Career

Women of Project Management seeks to align itself with outstanding corporate partners that share our commitment to creating educational opportunities and economic growth for women & women of color in the project management industry. We work to foster mutually beneficial relationships that create a pipeline of diverse talent for our partners, offer new and exciting resources and opportunities for our members, while increasing the reach and impact of the Women In Project Management Network. We look forward to a strategic, collaborative relationship with you; one that offers quantifiable results through holistic promotion and shared goal successes.

About Our Member base



Female: 100%

Female: 0%


18-24: 12%

25-34: 47%

35-44: 26%


US: 44%

South Africa: 25%

UK: 4%



Partner Benefits

Diverse talent acquisition

Create a pipeline of talent acquisition and professional development.

brand exposure

Increase brand exposure year-round to our diverse member base.



Corporate social responsibility

Support professional minority communities to drive greater overall economic growth.

positive impact

Align your company with the positive social impact that the Women In Project Management Network creates for our members.

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