Changing the Narrative for Women in Project Management


Asya Watkins | Founder of Women of Project Management | Atlanta, Georgia

 Asya Watkins, MBA, PMP® is the Founder of Women of Project Management. Asya created the Women of Project Management to fulfill a need that did not exist - to globally connect women & women of color in project management. There are still significantly fewer women & women of color than men in managerial positions, particularly in the area of project management. This is partly due to the lack of female role models, lack of industry knowledge, and lack of high earning potential. Women of Project Management was created by Asya Watkins to shatter those barriers to ensure the advancement of women in project management globally!

Women of Project Management Membership ensures women connect with other women & women of color in project management by offering Virtual On-demand Mentorship Masterclasses, Connections with Accountability Partners, Instant Access to our Resource Library, Leadership Opportunities, and Access to our Private FB Group with members in every continent around the globe! Join Today!