Membership FAQ’s

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Be A Member?

A: Membership is $99 per year (12 months) to be a member. Not $99 per month.

Q: I’ve Been Working In The Industry For Years. Is This Membership For Me?

A: No matter the stage of your career, we have resources to support you.

Q: I’m Just Starting Out…Do I Need To Already Work In The Project Management Industry to Join?

A: No. We welcome all women interested in working in the project management industry!

Q: What Are The Resources You Provide?

A: We partner with the BEST experts to create content we know our members want and need. From OnDemand masterclasses where we share our unique experiences of working in the industry to toolkits where we provide a collection of information, resources, and tools that together can guide you to develop a plan or help you to organize efforts for your next big project. We also offer a library of industry podcast as well as monthly inspiration from women in the industry (Many members say the resources are worth 10x their yearly membership fee!)

Q: Do You Host Events?

A: Yes, in the past we’ve organized fun meet ups for the members, however, because we are a global community, the majority of our interactions are virtual.

Q: Do The Resources Cost Extra?

A: No, you'll get instant access to all of the resources at no extra cost. Each month you'll get newly added resources as part of your membership.

Q: I Live In (insert your country) And I Work In (insert your specialization). Will This Community Help Me?

A: With over 10,000+ women in 7 continents working in 100+ industries, our members represent a diverse range of women in the industry.

Q: Can I Cancel At Any Time?

A: Yes, but we hope you won't! You can cancel your membership immediately really easily from inside your membership dashboard.

Q: Can I Get A Refund For My Membership?

A: Because you have immediate access to all content upon becoming a member, we do not offer a membership refund. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the founder at