Women in Project Management with Elise Stevens


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Women in Project Management with Elise Stevens

While women have been recognized as equals throughout various industries in recent years, the number of women in the project management field has barely risen. Elise discusses some reasons for this as well as speaks of her work to raise the profile of women in Project Management.


Elise works with women in project management roles to reinforce within themselves their true value to their team, company and industry.  She provides a channel for women’s voices to be heard, supported and embraced in project management. It’s time for women to dream big in the industry, and to know that they can achieve their career goals.

Elise works with incredible women who have extensive knowledge, skills and passion for their career, but unfortunately, the high pressure and status quo within the workplace has left them feeling emotionally exhausted; they have lost confidence in their own hard-earned skills and are considering leaving their roles.

For over two decades, Elise has worked closely with project managers to positively impact and innovate effective management processes. She has collaborated with a range of organizations including Queensland Urban Utilities, Ipswich City Council, Coca-Cola Amatil, Hutchinson Telecoms and Ansett Australia.



  • Lifting the Visibility of Women in Project Management
  • Engaging and Retaining Women in Project Management Roles
  • Why Diversity in Project Management is Imperative
  • How Women can lift their profile in Project Management

Show Notes:

  1. Host: Ron Smith
  2. www.elisestevens.co
  3. https://twitter.com/ElisethePm/
  4. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisestevens/
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